Build bots the way YOU need them. Due to it’s flexible structure we can give you the personalization you deserve.

Data Security

Want to go on-premise? Host in your own cloud infrastructure? We are ready for that and have successfully integrated with large-scale insurance companies and banks!

Analytics & Logging

Learn from the feedback the users have and iterate the product based on real-life data. Data-based decision making is the foundation.


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What is BotBase?

Introducing BotBase – Automate Your Workflows & Communication
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Process Breakdown



Sign up

Create Bot

Share with team

Sign up

Create Bot

Share with team

Botbase Architecture

Communication Channels

Build once and speak to everyone. BotBase provides the capability to build a bot once, but deliver the same experience on a multitude of channels simultaneously. This reduces maintenance costs and increases user satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence / Natural Language Processing

AI and natural language understanding technology is changing rapidly. BotBase offers you the flexibility to choose and even swap AI providers as the technology and your use-case develops. The BotBase is not bound to any providers and can therefore offer a wide range from SaaS to on-premises solutions. 

Your Data / Infrastructure

We understand that in the past couple of years privacy of data has become one of today’s businesses main concerns. BotBase was designed with the legal requirements in mind and therefore offers full on-premises deployment. We put you in full control! 

Our Success Stories

Austrian Airlines AG
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Voice Assistant
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UNIQA Insurance Group
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Volkswagen Financial Services
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Build a bot for your business in an easy and intuitive way without the need of tech-support!

Where we have been in 2019

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Greg Wallner
CEO, Jingle

BotBase allowed us to easily connect our bot to various different communication channels to quickly see which was most relevant to our target-group”

Klemens Zleptnig
Co-Founder & CTO, Toni.ai

BotBase enabled us to develop our chatbot that has processed millions of messages – and counting. We can highly recommend it”


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